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The RUNNING WILD series is a family saga, romantic suspense series following the Stryker siblings as they find love, navigate life, and continuously land themselves in a heap of trouble…
  • Angst-filled writing
  • Spicy and emotional sex scenes
  • Fast plots
  • Small Towns
  • Big Family
  • Bigger secrets
  • Tough subjects
  • Heartfelt character growth
  • Sexy men
  • Sassy, strong women
  • Horses, cats, and nosy neighbours

Fans of Devney Perry, Kandi Steiner, and K.A. Tucker might like the suspense, angst, and steam in these books.

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Wildfire is a secret baby and second chance romance following the oldest Stryker brother, Xan, as he navigates the return of his high school sweetheart with her nine year old daughter. A little girl who looks the spitting image of a Stryker. But a kid isn’t the old thing Briggs brought with back to Raston, and not much time passes between Xan realizing he has a family to having to fight to protect them.

Second chance romances with a side of secret baby? Everything about the premise is luscious and the story itself more than delivers on the promise of its premise. Briggs and Xan feel like magic on the page together and with family difficulties and a dark subplot, this story gives romance readers a taste of everything: heart, heat, love not just between the main characters but between them and their complicated and realistic family relationships. Beyond that, this story also delivers a deep exploration of what it means to be flawed and to face oneself, to work to overcome abuse and hardship, expectations and failure. When characters like Briggs and Xan have to face their worst selves and then bring that realization to their relationship AND do the work, the author has given us what is best in romance: a chance to grow with these people and be better people ourselves in our lives and our relationships. Add Allison Martin to your autobuy now and sink into the best romance has to offer.

Alta Dawson, Bookseller at Standford