“The ending of this story was perfection. Jet knows exactly what Cady needs and how to offer it to her without overwhelming her. I am loving this family and this series! I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

Review of WILD SIDE

The Stryker Brothers

Follow the Stryker siblings as they navigate love, duty, and the determination to fight for their chance at forever.

Ten years after the love of his life left him, she’s back in town with a daughter he didn’t know about and a danger that threatens to tear apart his family before it begins.
She needs protection from the men hunting her, he needs someone to take care of a horse. Neither of them is ready for how deep this arrangement is going to go.
She wanted to forget about her problems with a handsome stranger. Weeks later, she’s back in town, pregnant with nowhere to go but as her past catches up to her it almost destroys her future.

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The Stryker Sisters

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