Stryker Brothers Trilogy eBook


The Stryker Brothers have never backed down from a fight, especially when they find someone worth fighting for.


Three full length novels in one eBook.


She wanted freedom, and he offered her redemption.

When an online bully turns into a stalker, Brigitte Marchand does whatever it takes to keep herself and her daughter safe—even if that means facing the man who abandoned them ten years ago.

Briggs is the last person Alexander Stryker thought he’d see back in Raston. The second he sets sights on her, he’d do anything to win her back—even if that means facing the secrets he’s kept buried at the bottom of a pint glass.

Being launched into fatherhood isn’t a shock to Xan, who has cared for his five siblings since he was ten. He’s determined to make up for lost time, but the danger Briggs brings to Raston and the truth of what happened a decade ago threatens not only their love, but their lives.

If you like headstrong characters, smouldering heat, a sprinkling of humour, and heartfelt feels to go along with your suspense, The Stryker Family Saga is sure to keep your pulse pounding.

WILDFIRE is a second chance, surprise baby story that deals with stalking, abuse, & addiction.

Wild Side

She wanted protection, and he offered her strength.

Exotic dancer Cadence Miller doesn’t trust men, but she’s not above using them to get what she wants: protection.

When hot-headed Jethro Stryker beats the hell out of a guy for disrespecting his sister, a sultry stranger gets caught in the wreckage. His attraction is instant, but a woman like her in a town like Raston means one thing: walk away.

When Cade offers to rehabilitate an abandoned horse on his property, she gets a low-key place to disappear—but ignoring her feelings for Jet isn’t as easy as hiding from the two men hunting her.

Jet’s never been one to back down from a challenge, especially one like Cade, so when her drama shows up on his doorstep, he’s already all in. Convincing Cade to trust him is the biggest fight he’s faced, and the only way to prove he loves her is doing the impossible: letting her go.

If you like aggressive, hot-headed heroes, sassy heroines, stubborn horses, and sizzling chemistry to go along with your suspense, The Stryker Family Saga is sure to keep your pulse pounding.

Wild Side is an opposites-attract, bodyguard romance that deals with SA, abuse, and violence.

Wild Child

She wanted a fling, and he offered her forever.

Influencer Nova Forester is on the run from a blackmailer set to destroy her. Desperate to forget her problems, she crashes into the arms of a rugged, small-town mechanic before disappearing again.

Former playboy Ezekiel Stryker can’t stop thinking about the mystery woman who showed up at his shop months ago, but he’s moved on to a new girlfriend and a stable life—until Nova arrives on his doorstep, pregnant and with nowhere to go.

There’s more to Nova’s life than she’s letting on, and Zeke’s determined to gain her trust and prove he can be what she needs. But danger is closing in—as terrifying as the love growing between them. When the twisted truth finally comes out, protecting Nova and their baby could cost Zeke everything.

If you like devoted heroes, flawed heroines, hair-pulling sexual tension, and laugh-out-loud banter to go along with your suspense, The Stryker Family Saga is sure to keep your pulse pounding.

Wild Child is an accidental pregnancy, forced proximity romance that deals with blackmail, domestic violence & mental health.


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