Electric Storm Special Edition Hardcover

Why am I using Kickstarter?

Because I like to toe the line between genres and bend familiar tropes to see how far I can push them, I struggle to find the right readers for my stories on big retailers that rely on fitting in and sticking to the accepted practices. I’ve known for a while that I had to start leaning into my genre-mashing writing style more but until I found Kickstarter I wasn’t sure how to do that.

Kickstarter is home to awesome humans that value innovation, creativity, and taking risks on cool ideas. You’re what brought me to Kickstarter, and I want to do more than just give you a book as thanks. I want to provide you with an entire experience.

Having more freedom and room to explore fills me with excitement! Adventuring is more fun with friends, so I hope you’ll come on this brand new journey with me and be a big part of the success of this series! I’m so glad we’ve found each other.

How to Get Started with Kickstarter?

Make sure you’re ready to go on launch day by going here and creating your account!

What is the benefit of Kickstarter?

Why would you support my Kickstarter campaign when you could just buy the book on Amazon? The extras, of course!

Kickstarter allows for authors to use innovation and creativity when packaging their books. Hardcover books are expensive to create, and retailers don’t want fancy interiors or swag packages because they aren’t set up to deliver them. With Kickstarter you get access to exclusive items and collector’s edition books. Bookmarks, stickers, pins, postcards, character art, book boxes, reader extras…you name it!

You are also directly supporting authors in a way that allows us to trickle the benefits back to you. The more funding a project gets the more likely authors are to increase the value of the book you’ll be getting.

I have some pretty cool things tucked up my sleeve for this campaign so make sure you get on the list to be notified as soon as I launch!