Coming in 2023

Other little girls wanted the beastly prince, and the Happy Ever After. These three best friends only wanted the library…

Andie, Bryn, and Tris have been best friends since kindergarten when they bonded over their love of books and disgust with boys. Nothing much changed over the next 20 years. Now they’ve opened a coffee shop and book store called Belle’s Book n’ Bean Café and are ready to live the real dream.

It’s stressful to run a business with friends, especially when they’re so different. It doesn’t help when each of these women get their very own ornery man set on proving the Beast and the Library might be a package deal…like it or not.

My mouth hangs open and only a horrified huff of air passes my lips. King raises his eyebrow, knowing he has me. His smug self-satisfied smile makes my lady bits tingle in ways I’ve been trying to avoid since he came back to town.
I’m not sure why being this angry with him turns me on but it does.
I want to hate f*ck him. Use all this pent up aggression to slam him against the nearest vertical surface and ravage his body.
Yeah…that’d sure show him.


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