“The ending of this story was perfection. Jet knows exactly what Cady needs and how to offer it to her without overwhelming her. I am loving this family and this series! I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

Review of WILD SIDE

The Stryker Brothers

Follow the Stryker siblings as they navigate love, duty, and the determination to fight for their chance at forever. The STRYKER FAMILY SAGA has heat, humour, and heart along with elements of mystery and suspense.

A Wildland Firefighter struggles with his demons when his high school girlfriend shows up in town with a daughter to hide from a stalker she can no longer outrun.
A small-town construction worker with a hot temper and soft spot for wounded women meets his ultimate challenge in a stripper on the run from dangerous men.
A playboy mechanic has his life turned upside down when a fling from his past shows up pregnant and afraid with big secrets about who she is and what she’s trying to hide from.

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The Stryker Sisters

Stay tuned for more on the STRYKER FAMILY saga.

A college student road trips home hoping to find the courage along the way to tell her brothers she’s dropped out but is distracted by a stowaway with dangerous enemies.
A Park Ranger with big ambition gets herself fired for telling off her sexist boss but a fling from her past shows up with a wish to clear his name, a handful of cash, and a secret that could get them both killed.
A bartender has nothing left to lose and convinces the man who destroyed her livelihood to give her a job as his assistant which will take her into a brand new world that might not want her to be there.

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All she wants is the inside story, but what she gets is a chance at real love.
After a one-night stand, these rivals are snowed in together during a storm.
Her best friend’s little brother comes to stay disrupting her rigid plans.
She’s fallen for an older man and is determined to prove the woman she’s become.

The ADVENTURE GIRLS series are novella length, quick reads with satisfying HEAs. The series will be continued as long as there are powerful women in the town of Cascade Falls ready to find their forever love.

Welcome to Cascade Falls

Stay for a while in this small town where the women are daring and adventurous and the men are ready for the challenge.