Get to know me

Allison has lived a few different lives—had several careers, travelled widely, and had a variety of experiences in her almost four decades of life. She’s climbed mountains for fun, been flown out into the middle of the wilderness to find her way back to civilization, and hopped in boats with her partner for ten-day paddling trips down rivers in the middle of nowhere with nothing but themselves for survival (and a bottle of whiskey if we’re being honest). If the zombie apocalypse hits anytime soon, Allison’s your gal.

These days, she lives a quieter life with her daughter, her dog, her partner and all his camping gear. She lives in the north Canadian wilderness where the sun never sets in the summer and winter is nine months long—if she’s lucky. 

Allison is an author of many genres of books from YA to NA to Adult, but whether her characters are running from an intergalactic government or just trying to make sense of life in a small town they are tied together by a common desire to live life on their own terms. She’s published a dozen books, designed hundreds of covers, and edited some pretty cool stories over the last six years. 

She is a mish-mash of many things and finally learning to just embrace it and make herself at home in the chaos.

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