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Prelaunch for Electric Storm is live!

The prelaunch page for the Exclusive Hardcover edition of ELECTRIC STORM is live. But what if you’ve never used Kickstarter before?

Here’s a brief rundown of what Kickstarter is and why it’s a great tool for authors and readers.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site that allows creatives, innovators, and makers to create awesome products with the help of people who believe in them. It is NOT a charity fundraiser site like Go Fund Me. With sites like that, you are providing financial support to those who need it, but what you get in return is feeling good about helping.

With Kickstarter, you are funding a project, and at the end of the project, you will receive an actual product in exchange worth the value of your pledge.

So, is it like a preorder?

Why would you support my Kickstarter campaign when you could just buy the book on Amazon? The extras, of course!

Kickstarter allows authors to use innovation and creativity when packaging their books. Hardcover books are expensive to create, and retailers don’t want fancy interiors or swag packages because they aren’t set up to deliver them. With Kickstarter, you get access to exclusive items and collector’s edition books. Bookmarks, stickers, pins, postcards, character art, book boxes, reader extras…you name it!

You are also directly supporting authors in a way that allows us to trickle the benefits back to you. The more funding a project gets, the more likely authors are to increase the value of the book you’ll be getting.

How do I support the book?

Setting up a Kickstarter account is quite simple. Go to, create an account with your name, email and password, and that’s it. Once you choose to back a project, you’ll need to enter your payment details.

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, meaning that if I don’t raise the funds I set out for, the campaign is unsuccessful, and no one is charged. If I do, the amount you pledge will be charged at the end of the campaign, so keep that in mind when backing a project.

The support of readers is crucial to an author’s success, and the amazing thing about Kickstarter is that we are able to show our gratitude and respect for that support by giving you a high-quality, high-value book in return.

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