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After a whole year of fretting about it, I’m finally doing it. I’m launching a Kickstarter for my New Adult Science Fiction Action Romance (phew, that’s a tongue-twister).

It’s time I muster up some of my Main Character energy and take a page from Helia’s book (literally). This badass (and sometimes stupidly reckless) young woman wouldn’t waste time. She’d barge in and do the damn thing (and probably blow something up in the process).

So that’s the spirit I’m going into this with: I have no f*cking clue what I’m doing but I’mma do it anyway! So LET’S GO!!

And I’ll try not to blow anything up.

Sneak Peek

The campaign for the Special Edition hardcover of the first book in the Electro Trilogy will launch Mid-March! Keep reading for some info about the book, Kickstarter, and get a sneak peek at the new cover design.

With a little genetic engineering, a lot of alien mutation, and a dash of superhero powers, Electric Storm is a New Adult Action-Adventure Sci Fi that reads like an Urban Fantasy–all built around superhero-style powers and a galactic, triangle-sized love story.

The last time Helia Langdon touched another person was ten years ago when her electro-kinetic abilities killed a mysterious boy on her father’s exploration and mining ship. To save her from SPARK’s harsh punishments for Gen Mods, Helia is betrayed by her best friend Roger and sent to a military space station orbiting the human planet Kronos. On Athena, she takes up fighting in a simulation machine and building weapons in her workshop with her only friend, Eion–an engineering genius.

On her 20th birthday she is given a necklace made from a rare metal that was mined to extinction on one of the five inhabitable planets in her solar system. This tiny pendant isn’t just a piece of jewelry, it was engineered to harness her powers and give her more freedom in her newly expanding world. But being touchable means more than hugging her friend or kissing the man she’s secretly loved since childhood…it means no one is afraid of her anymore, especially those who hate Genetically Modified Humans.

Now that Helia’s ‘touchable’ the truth of her origins, existence, and destiny start to reveal that her life has never been her own, and her future is more uncertain than ever.

The arrival of a frustratingly arrogant new Recruit and a station crawling with SPARK officers brings with it more danger and truths that Helia is desperate to understand. She went from complete isolation to finding out three separate governments are after her for three very different reasons that all culminate in certain death.

If Helia is to understand who she is she must figure out how to untangle herself from a decades long inter-governmental experiment.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a platform where really cool things get made with the help of audience funding. It’s not about begging for money or a ‘gimme’ attitude. It’s really creative people wanting to make interesting and unique products and with the financial support of their audience, are able to make it happen. In the book world think of it like an advanced preorder. When you preorder a book you agree to pay for something that has yet to be made. Kickstarter is like that but on speed. You can learn a bit more here.

What will you get if you back the project?

That’s the beauty of Kickstarter–you get to choose from an assortment of books/swag! The Special Edition Hardcover is exclusive to Kickstarter. Being from Canada, creating hardcovers isn’t easy or cost effective but with Kickstarter, so many doors are opened for this series! Of course, I can’t show you all the amazing things I’ve got planned for this book YET, but it might include:

  • a hand-drawn star map,
  • custom character art for FIVE of the characters, bookmarks,
  • postcards of the original and new cover art,
  • a limited number of teardrop pendants similar to Helia’s,
  • and the star of the show–a gorgeous case laminate hardcover book with a matte finish dust jacket displaying a brand new never before seen design that may only be available on Kickstarter.

I also have some stretch goals tucked up my sleeve for different funding levels…shhhhh.

Here’s a small glimpse of the new cover which you’ll see in full when the campaign launches.

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