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Get Sweaty, Get Creative

Almost all my ‘writer’s block’ (in quotes because I don’t believe in it) is cured by one thing. Movement. 

Every plot problem and character snag comes to me when my heart rate is elevated, my face is pouring sweat, and I’m usually on top of a mountain somewhere with no notebook or pen (of course). I let my mind wander through the fantastical worlds I’m creating while I run, lift, hike, or stretch. 

Creativity is like an energy reserve. If you use it without replenishing it, it will run out. You can recharge your creativity in other ways too, like spending time in nature or with friends that inspire you. It can also recharge when you do something new or a different hobby for awhile. 

But the most powerful way to ensure that you never run out of that inspiring good stuff is to move your body. That doesn’t mean you need to train for the ironman or anything. 

Here are a few simple ways to move your body and unblock your mind:


We think if we take breaks it eats up our creativity time but it’s actually the opposite. Forcing yourself to slog through not only makes you tired faster, but it also corrodes your enjoyment of writing. Get up every 30 minutes max and stretch. Pay attention to your hips and shoulders as those are the most affected areas.


You can find any length of yoga flow on YouTube for free. Choose a form that fits with your flexibility, fitness level, and time. Being expansive in your body will help you be expansive in your mind too. 


Get outside and walk. Walking is great for you but the time outside with only your thoughts will help you puzzle out those plot problems like a pro.

Looking for something more intense?

Running, hiking, HIIT training, Kettlebell strength training are all great ways to get your heart rate elevated, fill your creative problem solving tank, and clear those writing blockages.

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