Three things you should know about me before reading my books

Have you looked through my website yet and scratched your head, wondering what the hell I’m doing with my writing and why you’re even here? You wouldn’t be alone, I assure you. If I had a quarter for every time I heard the advice to ‘niche down’ and choose a genre, I probably wouldn’t have to write. I could live off the income of other writers telling me I’m doing it wrong. 

The truth is that this has made my life harder. I do not disagree with these experts in the slightest. I believe the fastest, most straightforward way to have a thriving writing career is to choose a genre and build it up.

But after ten years of trying to force myself into the conventional wisdom, I decided recently that I am too old for this shit, and I will do what I want, how I want, and when I want. I’m going to take five steps in four different directions, and I’m going to accept what goes along with it. 

So if you’ve read one of my books or are thinking about it, here are three things about me that will help you decide if it’s worth the risk to join me on my haphazard, willy-nilly, multi-genre journey.

I like unlikeable women.

The morally grey character has their day in the sun right now. Unfortunately, the misogyny is still strong in the sense that men and women are judged at a completely different standard regarding the characters’ flaws. Most of my negative reviews centre around the unlikability of my MFC, but that’s a train I’ve boarded and have no plans of getting off anytime soon. I love a woman who is unapologetically herself no matter what. They are more fun to write! So you can expect my female characters to have flaws and not just superficial ones like clumsiness.

Love is always a central theme.

There is romance in all my books. Some more than others. Some steamier, some tamer, most of them land somewhere in the middle. But it’s not just romantic love that has my attention. The relationships between family, friends, and lovers drive every single one of my books despite the genre. You can expect a tangled web of relationships and layers of love weaved through all my books no matter the genre.

I use these three rules when I write.

To keep my interest in writing, my heart in the book, and my conscience clear, I use these three rules (three c’s) to align my romances with my personal beliefs and values. I should preface this by saying I do not have wholesome or traditional morals and values. I’m down to get into some weird shit, but always with these three things in mind:

Consent – Whether I’m writing a light-hearted romcom or a dark fantasy romance, consent is front and centre. The kink community is something I belong to myself and wish to portray accurately. Women are important to me, and the safety, confidence, and exploration of my female characters are never overlooked.

Compatibility – I often get to the part of a book where the enemies become lovers, the friends realize feelings, or the second chance is granted, and I’m left wondering why. I like to give equal attention to both sides of the love story. What keeps them apart, and why they belong together. Both are just as important.

Communication – If there is one thing I believe with my whole heart, it’s the value of communication. In any relationship, across any gender, through the span of a life, good communication is the ultimate goal. Learning to be open about our thoughts and feelings, especially with people we love will save conflict and arguments nine out of ten times. If there is a miscommunication in my books, it’s resolved in pages, not chapters. 

Now that you know what guides me as an author head over to the Books page and see my genre mish-mash in all its glory!

XO, Allie

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